Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hours and Cancellations

Psychotherapy sessions are typically 45 – 50 minutes long. If it becomes impossible for you to keep an appointment, it is important that you call to inform Alex of your cancellation. Due to the policy of reserved appointment times, an appointment that you cannot keep must be canceled no fewer than 24 hours before the appointment time. Appointments that have not been properly canceled will be charged the regular session fee. Insurance will not pay for missed sessions, so these will be your sole responsibility. Unfortunately, Alex cannot call to remind people of appointments.

Telehealth / Video Appointments

Alex does offer the option for Telehealth / Video appointments once an initial in-person appointment has been completed. He uses for online appointments. This secure platform is accessible from a computer, tablet and mobile devices. Click here to learn more about Telehealth / Video appointments.

Phone Calls

The general policy is for Alex leave only his name and phone number when phone calls are returned. Please indicate your consent for his office to leave treatment information: appointment changes, account information, etc.

Fees and Insurance

Charges for sessions are consistent with standard psychotherapy fees in the community. PAYMENT IS REQUESTED AT THE TIME OF SERVICE. Please make checks payable to Alex E. Mc Kibbin, M.S., LCPC.

Many insurance plans will reimburse you for some or all of the charges for psychotherapy. If you are eligible for reimbursement under your plan, you will be required to pay any co-pays or co-insurance at the time of your visit.  If you have a deductible that has not been met, you will be required to pay the full session fee until your deductible has been met.  If your insurance requires prior authorization or a physician referral for mental health services, it is your responsibility to make sure this is in place prior to the session.  Any visits not authorized will be charged to you at full fee. 


In the event of an emergency, you may contact Alex’s cell phone. However, I do not usually accept calls if in session. If Alex is not available in case of emergency, please call your local crisis line, contact your primary care physician, or proceed to your local emergency room.


Alex is committed to making this a safe place for you to get help. To that end, he adheres to all legal protections of your confidentiality. Limitations include staff consultation, life-threatening behavior (to yourself or someone else), suspicion of or disclosure child abuse, elder abuse and judge’s orders to release information.

Good communication between Alex and each client is vital to his ability to serve each individual well. Please tell him about problems and questions that might arise. If you do not understand an answer or if new, problems arise, let Alex know.  He wants to provide you with the best possible care, and he need your cooperation to succeed. Please contact Alex if you have a concern.